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Contract address: 0x3AeFF9536CED04e4443908Cb0ceBAC952a5550C3

About Us:

PENGYX is a community meme coin built from the ground up with an actual community. The crypto meme world has always been fueled by dogs, and recently frogs. Let's make it an era where Penguins become the new animal. Scientifically, penguins cannot fly, but with PENGYX we make penguins fly through a vibrant community full of memes, good vibes, and charts.

PENGYX's benefits

Decentralized governance

Fast transactions

Strong community

Transparency guaranteed

Fun and engaging

Social impact

Making Memes
Great Again

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Contact information:

Email: PengyxETH@Proton.me

PENGYX ( $PENGYX) is a meme coin with no intrinsic value or expectation of financial return. There is no team or formal roadmap as it is a purely community driven project. Investing in this project is high-risk. Everything about PENGYCOIN ($PENGY) is for entertainment purposes only.